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Do You See What I See? Keywords

Keywords are search terms entered when a person is searching for content from a search engine. As we have already explained, there are three leading search engines most people prefer in the US. Those being: Google, Bing, Yahoo, with Ask and AOL trailing far behind. comScore is one of the entities that measure such data […]

That’s Rank, Man!…It’s All About Getting Listed

The whole idea of optimization is learning how to play by Google’s rules a game that Google doesn’t control, but on a playing field that Google owns. You’re objective is to get listed in Google’s top listings for search results to inquiries that people search for through Google’s search engine. Search engines are actually measured […]

Putting the Oogle in Google

Since he who has the gold makes the rules, we better understand how to put the oogle in Google. After all, Google does not have to play fair. But, Google does have to play. Have you ever been on a solo travel trip and realized you didn’t like the solo part? What’s missing? A since of […]

What is SEO…Have I got it?

Have you heard it said by anyone? Search Engine Optimization is no longer effective as a strategy for gaining status in search inquiries? If you’re so new to this stuff that SEO or search engine optimization doesn’t even ring a bell, then let me ring your bell for you. When anyone wants to find something […]