SEO For Me And You

What is SEO…Have I got it?

Have you heard it said by anyone?

Search Engine Optimization is no longer effective as a strategy for gaining status in search inquiries?

ring the bellIf you’re so new to this stuff that SEO or search engine optimization doesn’t even ring a bell, then let me ring your bell for you.

When anyone wants to find something on the internet they use a search engine of some kind. The three leading search engines right now are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are more, but these are the three most prominent.

Going to any one of these three and typing in a question or query is what we are referring to as using a search engine. That puts the SE in SEO.

The O is how is it possible to bend the use of a search engine toward your desired search results when you aren’t the one in control. It works just like anything else in life.

When you’re working for a jerk, you still have to work with the jerk. When you’re working alongside a partner, you still have to work in a manner that uses the tendencies of your partner.

If you’re working for a partner that is a jerk, then you need to find another line of work.

So, how do you work with a system over which you have no control? You learn the tendencies or the mechanism behind the system.

When you learn what the leader does, then the followers are easier to work with.

Google is the leader among the top three. Learn then, how Google works and work the way that Google wants to work.


Fortunately, Google does have a system and there are obvious actions that Google respects. Those actions are:

  • Original Content
  • Well written (grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation)
  • Substance related to a subject (the greater detail, the more apparent knowledge)
  • Authority (the sense that this content is trustworthy)
  • Reference (that others looks to your content for their own reference)

The practical results of recognizing what Google is looking for, causes you to do these things:

  • Write in your own well placed words whatever it is you choose to write
  • Make sure you use all the tools available (spell check; grammar check) so that you’ve double checked (this material stays out there for an internet eternity).
  • You need to present your slant on things, but if you are comprehensive and cohesive (your material actually makes sense and belongs together) then it’s good.
  • If you are referring to other authoritative sources (links to Wikipedia; blogs; etc.) and others are referring to you (links coming in to your webpages), then Google likes that a lot.


Right about now you may be thinking, “I don’t care what Google looks for, I’m doing things my way.”

OK, but you need to remember that when others choose to use Google, Yahoo, or Bing as their search engine, then none of those big three are required to show your content in their search results. It’s like you’re not even there!

Just saying, you need to learn to play the Google game.

There have been many who have tried to game Google, tried to use Google’s preferences to their own advantage. They always win for awhile, but just like the big casino’s, eventually the house always wins, or the house goes away. Google always wins.

There have been extreme adjustments Google has conducted over the past few years and these corrections (algorithm updates) have literally wiped tens of thousands of webpages and website completely out of view to millions of people using Google search engines.

In the next few blogs I’m going to draw out important factors regarding SEO and what you can do to play fair with Google, and allow Google to promote your content in Google’s search engine queries.

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