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Do You See What I See? Keywords

Keywords are search terms entered when a person is searching for content from a search engine.

As we have already explained, there are three leading search engines most people prefer in the US. Those being: Google, Bing, Yahoo, with Ask and AOL trailing far behind.

comScore is one of the entities that measure such data on US related internet activity. In their 2014 findings the stats showed: Google at 67.6%; Bing at 18.7%; Yahoo at 10%; Ask at 2.4%; AOL at 1.3%

It is highly advantageous to be listed on Google page one at the top three positions.

The question is, how does that happen?

We’ve already spoken of the “rules” Google doesn’t control (common sense does) and the “rules” Google does control (Google search engine). We have to pay attention to both.

Google lets the individual set their parameters to search through the Google search engine, but regardless of what is entered in the box, Google decides how Google deciphers the inquiry to best report its results to the individual. (These are Google’s rules).

Google Instant Suggestions

You may have noticed that Google will supply suggestions even as the individual is typing in their inquiry. This is called Google Instant Suggestions and it occurs in two places.

Google Instant Suggestion 1First supply of Google Instant Suggestions is as the person types in the inquiry box. These suggestions come from Google’s experience of what most people ultimately want to see.


Google Instant Suggestion 2


The second supply of Google Instant Suggestions is found at the footer section of each page of the Google results.

These tend to be additional terms introduced either as a completion of the original search or additional related terms according to the discoveries Google has had with previous inquiries.

Obviously Google is telling us something if we will listen. Google’s system (“rules”) will favor the use of Googles suggestions.

For instance, if you were searching for Eben Pagan products¬†you could enter Eben Pagan and begin to see a full variety of ways to conclude the search term as a search phrase. That’s how it works.

Keywords Are Key In Different Ways

So, Google supplies suggestions. If you take those suggestions then you’re playing by their rules. Now how do you play by their rules to win?

Use their suggestions and use them often. Let the content you place on your webpages and within your website contain plenty of the suggestions Google makes.

These keywords need to be intact and also need to be used in a common language manner.

There are plenty of people who try to “game” the system and treat it purely as a mechanical task. In truth, before 2014 you could get away with a lot of that. But, Google and its algorithms has found a way to spot and punish those who try to “game” them.

Google wants genuine, authentic content and not something written for a robotic evaluation.

Google Adword Tool

Google has gone to the trouble to suggest specific keywords to be used when someone wants to pay Google to advertise their content. Google offers this to anyone who sets up a free account with their Adwords program. Even if you don’t spend a penny on a paid advertisement with Google, you can get a look at the keywords Google suggests when anyone is wanting Google to show their content to inquirers.


So, you can make certain that Google sees what you want Google to see about your content. In doing so, you will use the Google suggestions and make it even easier for Google to see what it is already looking to see.

When Google can see what you want Google to see, then your inquirers will find it as well.

Do that with significant style, substance, and study; and, you will begin appearing higher and higher in Google’s listing of search results.